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  • State v. C.C. – Acquitted of shooting at police (Travis County)

  • State v. C.R. – Probation for shooting girlfriend in face (Lavaca County)

  • State v. F.B. – Probation for multiple pending felony DWI’s (Hays County)

  • State v. F.G. – Hung jury on habitual Assault Family Violence – penalty range: 25 years – Life, waived priors and tried to Judge – 9 years prison (Travis County)

  • State v. R.S. – 70 years on a dope case. Might should have taken the 12 year offer and definitely should not have let them 14 and 16 year old runaway girls stay in his hotel room. Criminal law ain’t a bowl of cherries. (Travis County)

  • State v. W.S. – Not today, government. Rejected time served offer on a misdemeanor to go to trial with State Jail time (6 months to 2 years). Case dismissed right before trial. (Williamson County)

  • State v. M.B. – Used his gun to remind a guy that his daughter was not to be messed with. Case dismissed. (Williamson County)

  • State v. L.R. – Not guilty after a bench trial for tampering with weapon and hindering apprehension (Williamson County)

  • State v. S.L. – Not guilty by jury of Driving While Intoxicated. (Travis County)

We can show you the jury trials we have had in 2019, and for more than 10 years prior to that. See how many felonies we have tried in 2019 and see how many criminal defense lawyers have not tried that many cases in their careers.

**Do not consider these results for any purpose. Although we can give you the cause numbers and web links to verify that these are all true results that we have obtained for our clients, you are strictly prohibited from using that fact to determine that we are better lawyers.**
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